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Tradelines 2


Tradelines 2

Piggybacking Tradelines

Select the tradelines from the below list that best fit you and your financial situation. Remember, there are three rules to boosting your credit score through Credit Piggybacking:

  1. The more credit cards you have us add to your credit report, the bigger the boost will be.
  2. The fewer the number of credit cards currently showing in your credit report as open, the bigger the boost will be.
  3. The higher the limit and older the credit card(s) you choose from the list below, the bigger the boost will be.

In order to add a tradeline to your cart, hover your mouse over the section of the page that lists the available month and add it to your cart.  You will not be purchasing the tradeline at this time.  Once you have selected all the tradelines that you wish to purchase, simply click on your cart, fill out the information form, and someone from our sales team will give you a call to finalize your purchase!